(Video) Alternative Math

I watched a short film yesterday entitled “Alternative Math.” The description of the video says, “A well-meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.”

Obviously, the plot is intentionally ridiculous, and, generally, we don’t see schools respond to parents like this fictional school acquiesced to the parents’ demands.  Also when parents complain about bias they’re not referring to something like math which is straightforward (except for the asinine way basic math is being taught due to Common Core).

That said, it literally made me laugh out loud. I’m thankful that in my brief time teaching I never encountered parents like this.


2 thoughts on “(Video) Alternative Math

  1. I had seen this video when it first came out a year ago. To me it was the perfect depiction of the future results of education under Common Core.

    1. I think people will interpret it different ways. A better depiction of Common Core would be the teacher saying 2+2=22 is acceptable for credit as long as a kid shows his process and can explain the math. 🙂

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