States Fighting Back Map Update

Here is an updated map.  North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have been added.  You can download the map by clicking on the down arrow at the bottom of the document.  You can get a download link and embed code by clicking the share this file envelope just to the left of the down arrow.

Retaining Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberty
State Sovereignty
Rejecting the Common Core State Standards

The Pending Rejection states are so marked as a result of serious discussion or action taken towards withdrawing from the Common Core State Standards, withdrawing from PARCC or SBAC, delaying implementation of standards or assessments, or not funding the implementation.  The discussions or actions considered include public forums, legislative bills, and hearings on state legislative floors in 2012 or 2013.










North Carolina




South Carolina

South Dakota


MN appears on the map as having rejected the CCSS.  MN did not adopt the CCSS for Mathematics.

Visit the Truth in American Education Related Websites page for links to groups actively working to stop the Common Core State Standards implementation and related issues.


5 thoughts on “States Fighting Back Map Update

  1. Thanks for these continuing important updates. I only wish my state, Washington, was part of this list, as well as my three previous homes, Oregon, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

    In time…all in time.

  2. On the last day of session the General Assembly voted to halt the implementation of Common Core at least until this coming fall so that we may take a good hard look at it. So much was added after accepting. No one thought there would be so much under the table stuff in it. Scary. We ,may need some help in the Hoosier state,

  3. I am from California and no one is questioning the Common Core Standards. They are embracing it and yet no one knows how to develop professional development around it. Thank you for your informative information. The biggest challenge for me as an educator is to have my union (CTA and NEA) take a stand against it!

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