Rocket Science for Babies?

This may be taking STEM a tad too far. NPR introduced an author who writes books about rocket science and physics to very young children.

The rationale by the book’s author is that children are surrounded by technology, not animals. Listen to the segment below.

If there is a dearth of math and science books for small children there is a reason for that. The goal at that age is to teach children to read, not to introduce them to mathematical and scientific concepts. If a child is interested in reading something like that go for it, but I’m leery of the goal behind this.

One thought on “Rocket Science for Babies?

  1. This is another one of those times where they completely ignore child development. Regardless, there are children who love trains, etc., so perhaps it will work for them and also small geniuses and children on the autism spectrum who might be able to understand those concepts?

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