Requiring Parental Permission for Students to Receive a Constitution?

I am supportive of local schools requiring parental consent for a whole host of things. I say this in light of stories that I’m sure we’ve all seen about some nightmare curriculum, school assembly, or handout that many of us would never want our students to be taught from, have to sit through or read. Not to mention all of the data collection that often takes place without parental knowledge or consent.

A school in New Hampshire back in 2016 required consent for the strangest thing. They wanted parental permission before their student would receive a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Our friends at GraniteGrok report:

It appears the Windham School District’s Administration has a double standard regarding when parental approval is deemed appropriate regarding student instruction. In September 2016, parents were required to sign a permission slip before their children would receive a copy of the United States Constitution on Constitution Day (Sept. 17th). That request rightfully raised some eyebrows in town. (And many students were never even offered a copy, even though the district was offered a donated copy for every student in the district…hmmm…)

The Superintendent’s response was that the donated Constitutions were published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies – and their website ( had references to religion – so out of respect for parents and their values, the administration said it was appropriate to seek parental approval before children were allowed to receive a copy of the United States Constitution.

Many of our Founding Fathers believed that our Constitutionally protected inalienable Rights come from God – and not from the government… and therefore, the government cannot take our Rights away. That’s an important concept that our children are not being taught, but should be.

I’ve been on the organization’s website and have had a copy of their pocket constitution, any reference to religion is minimal. A reasonable person would not see it as a violation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause. I have to wonder how this school handles the Declaration of Independence that clearly cites that, but I digress.

Now, this is not breaking news since it’s from 2016, but GraniteGrok also pointed out that same school did not require parental consent related to the student walkouts in opposition to gun violence that was promoted and sponsored by a liberal political group. That is a double standard.

Think about it: the school in practice believes that a student should not need parental permission to exercise their right of protest, but needs parental permission to get a copy of the document that enshrines that right. Does that not seem strange to you?

It seems this school, in particular, encourages political action without giving students the civic context and foundation political action is built upon.

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  1. I wrote the article on the Granite Grok, thank you for spreading the word. I used to be the Chairman of the Windham School District — and this would never have occurred during my tenure. It’s sad to see how easy it is to bring ideologies into our schools — and how little parents are aware of it.

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