Privacy Issues Abound With Federal Takeover

Missouri EdWatch has a great article up analyzing privacy-endangering federal expansion:

If “global” wasn’t a six letter word mantra constantly thrown around in educational “reform” circles, it would be a four letter word banished in polite company.  So much of the education “reform” being foisted on teachers, taxpayers and students ostensibly has to do with the fact we educationally lag behind other countries and our kids need to be more competitive in a global economy.  In this “reform” scenario, the government has no choice but to take control of taxpayers, students, state legislatures and local school districts and “nudge” the general populace into a plan requiring:

  • the grading of teachers and administrators based on student test scores
  • filling teaching positions with inexperienced Teach For America candidates AND “giving” Bill Gates a Department of Education website (government funded) so his foundation can screen applicants
  • privatizing public education with hedge funded charter schools and virtual schools
  • nationalizing standards, assessments and curriculum
  • turning over the writing of the standards and assessments to private companies which have no accountability to taxpayers
  • eliminating the sovereignty of a state’s right to set standards for its own citizens
  • creating mandates for states to fulfill which will financially bankrupt states
  • and most egregious of all, establishing a national database on students (over 400 data sets) with personal information that circumvents current FERPA  regulations

Attorneys Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins wrote about the data base last week and the plan for the government to gather data to supply the workforce.  Here is the link with McGroarty’s appearance on FOX talking about this data retrieval and the circumvention of the current law and Congress via regulations.

Check out the whole article here.