Former NCTE President Analyzes Common Core (Negatively)

Joanne Yavin, a former President of the National Council of Teachers in English publishes an analysis of the English standards in Edweek:

In reading the recently proposed Common Core State Standards already accepted by all but three states, I could not see many elementary school children of any background or ability meeting the standards at the grades designated. In my view, as a former elementary teacher and principal, the standards overestimate the intellectual, physiological, and emotional development of young children, asking them to think analytically as they read or write, extract subtle meanings from a text, and make fine distinctions within and across texts. Such deliberative and intensive behaviors are not supported by the research on child development, nor are they expected anywhere else in children’s lives today.

Not long afterward, I read the accompanying document “Publishers’ Criteria for the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy,”Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader prepared by the standards’ primary authors, David Coleman and Susan Pimentel, and became truly alarmed. In these instructions to curriculum developers and publishers of classroom materials, I saw not only a misreading of children’s capabilities, but also the intent to redefine the purpose of K-12 education and to control its curriculum and methods.

Check out the whole piece here.