Modern Education Reform and the Bobbles of Ignorance


Below is a guest post written by Michael Bohr addressing how technology dependent we’ve become.

Modern Education Reform and the Bobbles of Ignorance

By Michael Bohr – The Contemporary Insurgent

Welcome to modern education reform and the bobbles of ignorance.

This is where people who claim to care, who claim to teach our children to care, dazzle us with shiny objects and the promise of a better future.

They do this while our economy languishes and families go hungry by the millions. They demand we spend more in our schools for expensive technology as the nation’s children go hungry.

But we have this technology, so everything is fine.

Our kids, and even ourselves, are so mesmerized by the 1080p hypnosis that we fail to see beyond the high resolution of today’s deceptions. That what is being taught is an electronic illusion, designed to distract from the reality that sits right next to us: an illusion devoid of any real truth and honest content and a lie without a grain of truth.

Our eyes glaze over in a sublime acceptance of the promise of a utopian tomorrow that is spoken with the silk spun tongues of the Fortune Tellers of Reform.

Fortune Tellers who, like a carnival con artist, become enriched from our eagerness for Hope laugh all the way to the bank as we slowly become the destitute vagabond we now fail to see sitting beside us. The same destitute vagabond our children are becoming.  These children that we ourselves, through our bedazzled blindness, are draping in tattered clothes and tattered dreams as they feed from the ground the half rotten scraps of food left in the dirt by the Fortune Reformer.

“College and Career Ready” that glorious promise they so skillfully whispered in our ears hides the reality that “college” is but an empty refrigerator box under a highway. Career is one of finding such a shelter and keeping it, but never having the refrigerator itself, let alone the food to stock it.

But “oh, look how adorable our child is nibbling on the synthetic corner of a thousand dollar device”!!!

Isn’t that precious?

Enjoy, sweet child, the nutrient devoid snack you feast upon as mom and dad snap pictures that will never be framed except as a screensaver. When your belly and your mind discover that you have not been fed and your teething has subsided you will envy the slovenly child next to you and beg him to trade but a scrap of the scraps upon which he sups, the gnawed upon shiny bobble with no value at all.

And he will probably share his meager meal with you because despite not ever having such a glorious device, despite never having his picture framed either, his eyes have been open to the realities of the world the whole of his life.

And that thousand dollar device?

It’ll have more use plugging the hole in his cardboard cottage than it ever did for you!

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