The Common Core Controversy Riles Montana

Here’s a clip from the Missoulian, the second-largest Montana newspaper:

The debate in education circles far too often centers on “philosophical points of view, and not on research,” Atkins said. The new standards lay out very specifically what a student is expected to know at every age, and there is real power in that.

“Just having established the goal is effective,” he said. “We’ve collectively set what seems to be reasonable benchmarks for kids to meet.”

Yet the Brookings Institution, a nonpartisan public policy think tank in Washington, D.C., released a lengthy report earlier this year forecasting that Common Core State Standards will prove to be another failed attempt to nationalize curricula, and will “undermine the decentralized, federalist principles on which education has been governed since America’s founding.”

Citing a study from the Fordham Foundation and the American Federation of Teachers, the institute said past efforts at toughening standards have had “very little impact” on test scores, particularly the National Assessment of Educational Progress – the current federal testing standard.

“The quality of past curriculum standards has been unrelated to achievement,” the report said, advising parents in conclusion: “Do not expect much from the Common Core. … They represent good intentions that are not often realized.”

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