Look What Jeb Bush Doesn't Mention in Fundraising Letter

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sent a fundraising letter out for the 501(c)4 organization he launched last year – Excellence in Education National (the Foundation for Excellence in Education is a 501(c)3 he started).

Reading through this five page letter I find an education policy topic strangely missing.  I’m sure you can guess what it is.

No mention of Common Core? You would think he would want to tout his advocacy to push the Common Core onto the states.  Since he is obviously targeting conservatives in this letter, and the majority of conservatives oppose Common Core, I’m sure he knows it would impact the bottom line.

Omitting his support for the Common Core State Standards tells us a couple of things.  1. Bush understands this will be a losing issue for him both with fundraising and in the Republican presidential primary process.  2. It is obvious that he will attempt to remake himself like other Republicans who have supported Common Core have done.

Also this letter calls into question basic ethics, since Bush and his organization supported Common Core and policies related to it, don’t prospective donors have the right to know where there money is going?  I think so.

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