Learning Is Earning?????

Peter Greene had an apt description for the video I’m sharing below. “If you want to see where Competency Based Education, data mining, the cradle to career pipeline, the gig economy, and the transformation into a master and servant class society all intersect– boy, have I got a video for you,” he writes over at Curmudgucation.

In this video ACT Foundation and the Institute for the Future give us their vision for education surrounding a tool called “The Ledger” which is downright frightening. This is workforce development run amok.

What they describe here is not education, at best you can call this training. This is also a data mining nightmare. Also this just boils “education” down to what is marketable. Forget learning that doesn’t have anything to do with your job. That’s just a waste of time!

Greene gives a rundown of why he’s concerned about this video, and I encourage you to read that. Greene points out, rightly, that even if ACT Foundation, Pearson, and the like can’t accomplish this it does give us an indication of where they are headed and what their efforts will be focused on.

And it isn’t good.