Informative CCSS Conference Call Scheduled in Wisconsin

Daniel Webster once said: “If truth be not diffused, error will be.”

Common Core State Standards in education have garnered a growing degree of attention from all sides of the educational policy field in the last several months. Wisconsin was one of the first states to adopt this new set of academic standards and is right at the center of this lively debate.

Common Core’s advocates say it raises the educational bar in Wisconsin.

Yet, detractors have indicated that Common Core comes with a number of detrimental trade-offs.

The minds and futures of Wisconsin’s children merit the careful consideration of all angles and facts to determine the truth and the best course of action.
Interested Wisconsinites are invited to join an exclusive 90-minute discussion call that will address Common Core State Standards. Respected educational policy experts from several well-known organizations will be on the phone to present valuable information and respond to your questions.

To facilitate busy schedules, the discussion calls will be held on the following days and times:

  • Tuesday, ¬†April 23,¬†8p CST
  • Thursday,¬†April 25,¬†Noon CST

Experts on the call will include:

  • Karen Schroeder:¬†CEO,¬†Advocates for Academic Freedom; board member, Gov. Walker’s Education Communication Board
  • Joy Pullman:¬†education research fellow,¬†The Heartland Institute
  • Neal McCluskey:¬†associate director, Center for Academic Freedom,¬†The Cato Institute

Call in Number: 805-399-1000

Code: 662912

We look forward to having you on one or more of the calls!

Hosted by the Coalition of Leaders for Ensuring Veracity in Educational Reform

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  1. Do you know if there will be an audio of this uploaded? I would love to hear it and share it in the facebook group Arkansas Against Common Core!

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