Heritage Foundation's Lindsey Burke Hits Standards

On a piece for CNN, Heritage Foundation Lindsey Burke expert says:

“President Obama discussed the standards issue in his State of the Union address. He made it sound so easy and inconsequential, like something a timeshare company might say: ‘For less than 1% of what our nation spends on education …’ But instead of ending with … ‘you too can own a little piece of Boca Raton,’ the president went on to say that he had ‘convinced nearly every state in the country to raise their standards for teachers and learning.’

“Convinced” is an interesting choice of words. The Obama administration is convincing states to adopt his preferred policies by offering waivers for a law that everyone agrees is flawed. He convinced many states to adopt national standards and tests by dangling $4.35 billion in Race to the Top money in front of them during a time when state budgets were tight.

In fact, the Pioneer Institute in Massachusetts has a new report that suggests the Department of Education is exceeding its statutory boundaries by issuing the strings-attached waivers, particularly as they pertain to standards and assessments.”

Read the rest of that article here.

In a separate post on the Heritage Foundation web site, she notes that South Carolina is leading the state-level insurgency against the standards and provides Heritage Foundation analysis and resources on that fight.

That post can be read here.