Heartland Institute Hits Common Core

We have not yet highlighted a great article from Heartland Institute senior fellow on education Robert Holland in the Washington Times ran on March 5.  It reads, in part:

In response to a legislative proposal in South Carolina to halt CC implementation, Mr. Duncan issued a recent press release deriding the idea that CC standards are “nationally imposed,” calling it “a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy.” He took a swipe at the Palmetto State’s lowering to mid-range its previously toughest-in-the-nation English and math standards, while giving no credit for the state’s winning Fordham Foundation plaudits for having the finest history standards of all 50 states.

It is unclear who, if anyone, has labeled the Common Core a conspiracy, but federal pressure to implement it is plainer than ever after Mr. Duncan’s blast. President Obama’s announced “blueprint” for reauthorizing No Child Left Behind (NCLB) would effectively require all states to embrace his monolithic model of “college- and career-ready” standards. Moreover, as part of its general effort to seize lawmaking authority from Congress, the administration is conditioning NCLB enforcement waivers on states’ fully embracing the Common Core.

The bid supported by Gov. Nikki Haley to restore local control of schools in South Carolina may have made Mr. Duncan surlier than a jilted Chicago mob boss because it comes amid a slew of evidence the Common Core is shaping up as the costliest, least-productive boondoggle since the LBJ-era Elementary and Secondary Education Act, passed in 1965.

Check out the whole article here.


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