Governor Bentley of Alabama Condemns Common Core

Unfortunately, the Repeal the Common Core Standards movement suffered a setback when the State Board of Education voted 6 – 3 to retain the Standards.

However, the movement is now stronger than ever with Governor Bentley issuing a statement saying:

“Every state is different. Every Legislature is different. I think having one standard goes against the intent of the founding fathers of the United States.”

The Governor cast his vote against the standards.  State Board of Education Members Stephanie Bell and Betty Peters also voted against the standards.

Opponents of national standards have vowed to fight on empowered by the Governor’s support. ┬áThe efforts to hide the truth about the standards from the public is becoming less and less effective. ┬áGovernors like Mr. Bentley realize that this is something the people (and the Founders) never wanted.

We need to continue to shine the truth on these standards.