Boston Herald Editorial Board Condemns Common Core

The Boston Herald Editorial Board condemned the Common Core on Saturday, urging Massachusetts to pull out:

It’s hard to imagine that the substance of the “Common Core” multistate curriculum project could actually be harmful. But silly us, we were dead wrong. As it turns out a damaging, limited teaching philosophy rules the day.

Evidence of that was provided by The Washington Post “Answer Sheet” blog of Valerie Strauss, who printed a letter from Jeremiah Chaffee, a 13-year veteran English teacher in an unidentified high school in upstate New York.

Chaffee and his colleagues were given a sample lesson on the Gettysburg Address supposedly showing how the Common Core works.

The editorial skewers the limiting parameters of the Common Core’s approach to the Gettysburg Address and urges Massachusetts to withdraw from the Common Core.  Read the whole editorial here.

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