…And there is Hope!

UntitledAwhile back the mother of a 13 year old girl sent Truth in American Education a logo her daughter, Hope, designed.  Since providing the initial design it has been put into a few other forms.  In addition, Hope, who created the design, has this to say about why:

I created the design because I know my mom feels strongly against common core. She was looking for an online design that she could put on a t-shirt to inform people, but she couldn’t find any free images. So I decided to draw a picture for her that she could use for free.

Hope also tells how she created the logo design.

I have a school issued iPad so I used drawing art apps- Linebrush and Sketchbook Pro, to make the image.

While it sounds like Hope created the design, her younger brother helped generate a slogan that prompted a mental image.

When my brother told me his idea for the slogan, Common Core- One Rotten Apple, I immediately envisioned a rotten apple core, core being a symbol for common core. I decided to include a worm because worms like rotten apples, but since common core is so bad, the worm is actually made sick by the apple.

This is a fine example of real world application of available technology.  In addition to creating an outstanding logo, Hope has expressed concerns about the Common Core State Standards.

I am worried about class being boring for advanced students because of the curriculum being the same for everyone.

Hope, we thank you for giving us hope with your logo.

You can view and download the four page document here.

TAE Common Core One Rotten Apple by msfsoundmath