An Unwelcomed Visit to Governor Christie


Below is a guest post from Jan Lenox with Concerned Citizens of Southern New Jersey describing a recent trip her group made to their state capitol to deliver a petition to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

An Unwelcomed Visit

By Jan Lenox

Concerned Citizens of SNJ made the two hour+ trip to Trenton yesterday, 4/28/15 to deliver our petitions re Common Core/PARCC to the Governor. We first attended the Senate budget hearing on Education with Commissioner David Hespe’s testimony. Just one more dog and pony show in a long list of same old, same old educratical nonsense. The only glimmer of light was brought from Senator Jeff VanDrew when he asked a few pointed questions about the never voted on legislation presented last year.

After three long hours of waiting for a reason to be there, we decided to leave the chamber and continue on to what we came to Trenton to do. Met by a state police person when we entered the Governor’s ante-office, we were told we couldn’t enter. We explained that we wanted to present our petition to Governor Christie. We then were sent to the security office, checked in and waited for the Governor’s Aide-de-camp to greet us there.

Kia, the aide a very young woman and her even younger assistant came through the door and stood before us. “What do you want”, she asked. Not introducing herself, I asked, “Who are you? “I am the Governor’s aide and this is my assistant.” I introduced our group by name and stated that we came to deliver our petitions. I asked her name, then stated to her that we had previously sent formal requests to the Governor’s scheduler and followed with emails, and were denied a meeting. I continued to explain that we had carried these signatures with us for over two years and attached to the package was a personal letter signed by our group. Her response was less than polite. Paraphrasing; I cannot guarantee the he will get these. He gets thousands of letters; I am not his scheduler. Then she went on to say that his schedule was full until June 30th. She told us to attend his upcoming town hall meetings that were being planned throughout the state. We heard that if you attend six town halls, you can request a meeting with the Governor. This is ludicrous at best.

She was very curt and annoyed that we came to bother her. Kia offered no information to help us. She took our package and said she would deliver it to his office without any other information or response. According to Kia, Governor Christie was very well aware of people’s angst re Common Core and PARCC. Well then why won’t he meet with Concerned Citizens and alleviate our angst??? At the very least, we should have been met with a smile and a courteous attitude.

It was a very long day. We left the State House (our house) and started our two hour journey home. Thank God, we have copies and thank Him for keeping our tempers in check. After all, we had two state troopers right behind us. Did I mention that we’re all grandmothers!!

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  1. Sorry to read of your poor treatment at the Governor’s office. It is disheartening to hear of the arrogance and indifference of this administration. We do not want our children and grandchildren to be educated under the Common Core State Standards, and what do we hear from our government? GO away and leave me alone! Better still, come to six of my town hall meetings and then you can get an audience. Shameful.

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