An Election Day Reminder

Today is election day, and I want to remind you of your civic duty (if you have not taken advantage of early voting in your state) to get out and vote.

On the line are 35 seats in the U.S. Senate, 435 seats in the U.S. House, 36 Gubernatorial offices, and 6,073 state legislative seats. And this does not include the states that vote on their state’s school chief and state school board members. 

Every single election can have an impact on both federal and state education policy. 

So let your voice be heard at the ballot box.

While there are no perfect candidates who on the ballot:

  • Has the best record on respecting local control in education?
  • Has consistently fought against top-down education reforms?
  • Believes in and fights for parental control?
  • Fights for student data privacy?
  • Rejects a workforce development model of education? 
  • Rejects tying private schools and homeschoolers to public school education reforms? 
  • Promotes educational freedom?

Very few of us will have perfect options, but we’ll need to discern who is the best choice of the options we are given on the ballot.

We don’t endorse here at Truth in American Education, but you are certainly welcome to sound off on who you are supporting today in the comments section.