American Principles in Action Issues Press Release on SC Vote

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February 29, 2012                                             Shirley & Banister Public Affairs



Bipartisan Vote to Restore South Carolina’s Parental Authority over their Children’s Education

American Principles Project Praises Sen. Fair’s Leadership to

Combat Government Mandates

Washington, DC – Today, American Principles in Action (APIA) praised the South Carolina Senate Education Committee’s bipartisan vote to further study the national Common Core Standards and Senator Mike Fair’s bill, S.604, which would revoke the state’s participation in the Common Core program and restore the authority of South Carolinians to decide what their children learn.

“Today, the Senate Education Committee demonstrated its commitment to the families and children of South Carolina,” said Joe Mack, APIA’s South Carolina director.  “The federal government and special interests foisted the Common Core on South Carolina without giving the people or their elected representatives a meaningful opportunity to consider its harmful consequences.”

“I am delighted that the Senators have decided to step back and get more information on this important issue,” said Senator Fair.  “Before we surrender control of our classrooms to outside parties, we need to have an open and transparent debate so we can understand what we’re getting into.”

American Principles in Action is a 501 c(4) advocacy group associated with American Principles Project, a 501 c (3) nonprofit dedicated to returning the United States to its founding principles.

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