Turning Education Into What Businesses, Not Children, Need

NGA & NCSL believe education is about the needs of our business and not the needs of our children and families pushing the shift to workforce development.

NGA Chair Gov. Mary Fallin Target of Campaign to End Common Core

American Principles Project, Eagle Forum, Concerned Women for America, Home School Legal Defense Association and several other grassroots conservative groups launched a

Common Core as an Election Issue

I spoke with a reporter from Education Week yesterday about the status of different pieces of legislation in different states.  While we’re

Alabama State School Board to Vote on Meaningless Resolution

The Alabama State Board of Education is set to vote on a resolution that would rescind a 2009 agreement with the National

Stopping Common Core is Only the Beginning

As parents have encountered Common Core in their children’s classrooms, then sought information about what it means, we’ve seen a nationwide brushfire

“State-Led” Common Core Primarily Had Only Five Writers

Joy Pullmann at School Reform News wrote an excellent piece that helps to further demonstrate that the Common Core State Standards were