Michigan on the Verge of Repealing Common Core

The Michigan Legislature is on the verge of passing what is poised to be the strongest anti-Common Core bill to date, but progress seems to be stalled.

Michigan Legislators Launch Bipartisan Effort to Repeal Common Core

Michigan State Capitol in Winter 2005 Photo credit: Philip Hofmeister (CC-By-SA 3.0)

Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, will be joined next week by a bipartisan group of lawmakers in introducing legislation to repeal Common Core in Michigan.

Common Core Fight Holds Up Michigan Education Budget

Below is an excerpt from a Michigan Information and Research Service report (subscription-based) last night. A conference committee was originally scheduled to

Rally Against Common Core in Michigan

Stop Common Core in Michigan is organizing a rally next week to push for the defunding of the Common Core.  As you

McMillin Amendment Halts Common Core in Michigan

The Michigan House passed an education budget bill with an amendment that stops state funding for the implementation of the Common Core and its assessments.

The Detroit News: Common Core an “Invitation to Mediocrity”

It seems that editorial boards in states where there is an active piece of legislation targeting the Common Core are realizing the