Video: How Corporations and Big Government Collaborate

The Heritage Foundation this morning hosted a panel discussion with Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins with American Principles Project and Erin Tuttle with Hoosiers Against Common Core to discuss their book Deconstructing the Administrative State: The Fight for Liberty.  

Conservative Groups Oppose Mike Pence’s Education Reform Agenda

Over 30 conservative reform groups in Indiana publicly released an agenda for education reform to counter Governor Mike Pence’s education reform agenda.

Indiana’s Draft Standards: A Scoop of Common Core with Some Junk on Top?

The idea for pausing the Common Core in Indiana and then putting the kibosh on them is that the Hoosier state would

Indiana Democrats Put Politics Before Kids, Skip Common Core Vote

I can’t believe I missed this news last week.  It needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Members of the Indiana legislative

Photos: Ohio is Jazzed About #StopCommonCore

Ohio had some informational meetings about the Common Core at three different locations throughout the state.  Ohioans Against Common Core has an