U.S. Chamber: It’s Time for the Common Core Propaganda to Begin

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released its pro-Common Core video, “It’s Time for the Common Core State Standards” to counter HSLDA’s release

Stopping Common Core is Only the Beginning

As parents have encountered Common Core in their children’s classrooms, then sought information about what it means, we’ve seen a nationwide brushfire

The Tennessean’s Inaccurate Editorial

The editorial board at The Tennessean clucks its tongue at parents and citizens who recently showed up to protest the Common Core State

Debunking Misconceptions: “The Common Core is State-Led”

I thought that I would start a series on common misconceptions related to the Common Core State Standards.  I don’t know how

Common Core Reversing Massachusetts’ Educational Achievements

I wanted to draw your attention to an op/ed written by James Stergios, Charles Chieppo and Jamie Gass of the Pioneer Institute