Common Core Study Bill Filed in North Carolina

H733 was filed in the North Carolina House of Representatives.  The bill’s purpose is to establish a committee of 20 members to

Why Conservatives Object to the Common Core

Kathleen Porter-Magee & Sol Stern ask in the subheading of their National Review article defending the Common Core State Standards ask “why

Pioneer Institute Study Suggests Remedies for Common Core’s Literature Deficit

A new study released by Pioneer Institute shows that states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards should include a literature-based standard.

Delay Tactics on Anti-Common Core Resolution is Troubling

I’m not surprised, but disappointed by the American Legislative Exchange Council executive board decision yesterday to delay their vote on a anti-common

Apparently Schools Are No Longer Capable of Determining Their Start Date

Local control in education is under attack again in Iowa.  This time in the form of House Study Bill 671 that is