SC Voters Will Decide Between an Elected or Appointed State School Chief

Shane Vander Hart: South Carolina voters will have the opportunity in November to change their constitution to allow the Governor to appoint the State Superintendent of Education instead of voters electing that position. This is a move that only favors the bureaucracy.

238 Education Data Bills Hit State Capitols in 2018 So Far

Data Quality Campaign reports there are 238 bills related to education data in state legislatures this year so far, and less than a third (70) have anything to do with protecting student data privacy.

Will Indiana Adopt Federalized School Discipline Plans?

Erin Tuttle: Considering the evidence showing the discipline policies pushed by the U.S. Department of Education’s federal guidance makes schools less safe and even dangerous, why would Indiana legislators even consider adopting HB 1421?

State Departments of Education Should Explain Legal Basis for Mandates on Schools

A bill in the Iowa Senate would require the Iowa Department of Education to identify their statutory or regulatory authority for any request for reports made of school districts. A common sense measure every state should implement.

Florida House and Senate Bill Allows Schools to Write Own Academic Standards

A bill filed in the Florida House and in the Florida Senate allows Florida school districts to write their own standards provided they are equivalent to or better than the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.