Massachusetts Includes SEL Survey To Be Administered With MCAS

A parent in Massachusetts who also serves on her local elementary school’s school committee shared with me information from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regarding the administration of a social-emotional learning survey that focuses on school climate.

Schools, she said after asking her school administrator were not told to notify parents. Currently, schools can opt not to give this survey to their students, but that could change.

Here is the FAQs sheet from DESE.

Currently, the information collected will not be used for school accountability, but they haven’t closed the door on that.

Below are the survey questions for each grade. The questions so far are innocuous, but will they remain that way? That remains to be seen. SEL doesn’t stop with school climate. Will they survey family climate next? Then there is a simple fact they are adding to their assessment time.

Regardless, parents should be aware what the state of Massachusetts, through their local schools, asks their students.

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  1. TN has participated in this survey for many years now. The fact that this survey is government funded it is subject to PPRA. If students are given this test without 1. parents being informed and consent given 2. parents given a copy of the survey, they are in violation of PPRA.

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