Senate GOP to Ditch Annual Testing?

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

Alyson Klein at Education Week reports that GOP Senate Aides are working on a Education and Secondary Education Act reauthorization bill that would eliminate mandatory testing.

Senate GOP aides, who are hoping to get a bill reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act on the runway early in the new year, are getting started on legislation that looks very similar to a bill Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., the incoming chairman of the Senate education committee, introduced last year….

But there would be one major change: an end to the federal mandate for annual testing, Republican Senate aides confirm.

Instead the bill would leave decisions about testing schedules up to states. Some would likely stick with annual assessments, while others would try out gradespan testing and still others would mix and match, GOP aides say.

Considering many Democrats would welcome a move like this it seems like this could get pushed through.  The question is what will President Obama do with it should this bill pass.

2 thoughts on “Senate GOP to Ditch Annual Testing?

  1. Dump Common Core!

    Return to traditional math, cursive, and get rid of this convoluted “integrated” nonsense, revisionist history on steroids, learning cursive, add wholesome reading and END “group work.” Start valuing the individual.

    1. This is a hot topic with me and I am unable to edit my original reply. So allow me to clarify and be more complete in my remarks.

      Dump Common Core!

      Return to traditional math,
      teach phonics,
      get rid of this convoluted “integrated” nonsense,
      dump leftist revisionist history that is on steroids,
      have them learn to read and write cursive,
      learn proper grammar,
      bring back vocabulary,
      add wholesome reading,
      bring back the classics in reading,
      bring back book reports and give kids CHOICES on what they read and write for
      book reports starting in grade school,
      end the group writing assignments,
      in fact END ALL “group work.”

      Start valuing the individual and knock off grade school group posters beyond grade school too. Common Core is nothing but erasing the individual and substituting a love for Marxism and whenever possible encouraging promiscuity and homosexuality. They also do their best to have students become activists for politically correct causes. For example, in grade school a common assignment can be to have the student write a letter using “emotional words” to gin up group action of a politically correct cause.

      Common Core history is all about hate your country, view capitalism as exploiting the “worker”, view everything in terms of race and class warfare and naturally all whites are racist. All this “integrated” approach does is water down what is important and mix in what is irrelevant. For example, why learn about the government in Kenya when students have no clue about how our government works? Our children are US citizens – not “global citizens.” Lastly, stop glorifying Islam and denigrating Christianity. Weeks are spent on Islam in grade school exalting it while little is said about Christianity and the little that is said is highly critical. Islam has NEVER a religion of “peace and tolerance” – EVER!

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