Christina, DE and RTTT

Watch this video. As things move forward, more and more school board members may regret decisions they have made. They have bought into the reforms lock, stock, and barrel. When the reality strikes…

Christina community doubts DE Dept. of Ed’s decisions
LeAnne Matlach April 20, 2011 WDEL

Watch the video of Board President John Young’s excellent statement.

Deeply flawed reform plan will hurt students
JOHN YOUNG Apr. 22, 2011 delawareonline

John Young is president of the Christina School District Board of Education. This is an edited version of the speech he gave at Tuesday’s school board meeting. The speech can be heard at

Procedures not followed so who gets punished?

State to Freeze Christina School District’s Race to the Top Dollars
Apr 20, 2011 Delaware’s Department of Education

Delaware schools: Christina School District reverses reform
Board refuses to transfer 19 teachers
NICHOLE DOBO Apr. 26, 2011 delawareonline

Duncan Backs Delaware for Withholding District’s RTTT Funds
Michele McNeil on April 25, 2011 Education Week

US education secretary weighs in on Christina
Arne Duncan backs freeze on federal funds
NICHOLE DOBO Apr. 25, 2011 delawareonline

Delaware schools: Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker blasts Christina board
NICHOLE DOBO Apr. 26, 2011 delawareonline

After a Duncan Scolding, Delaware District Reverses Course
Michele McNeil on May 2, 2011 Education Week