Virginia School Posts Students Health Information Online

Tanners Creek Elementary – Norfolk, VA

Norfolk Public Schools in Virginia illegally posted dozens of students’ private health information online, as part of the district’s crisis plans The Virginian Pilot reports.

For every school, the plans list the chain of command, potential evacuation sites and students and staff with special needs who may require assistance in an emergency.

They also include the cell phone numbers for key staff, including principals and school resource officers.

Not every school identified students or staff, but many did.

One elementary school’s plans, for instance, name a student with autism and two students with mobility issues.

Another’s names 27 students who have either asthma, food allergies, seizures or heart conditions. Another elementary school’s plans name five teachers who are diabetic or have high blood pressure.

There is no reason, no reason at all that a crisis emergency plan should have that much detail as to include student names along with their health information, especially when these conditions go beyond mobility in the case of an emergency. Why in the world does a crisis emergency plan need to list students with food allergies? This is absolutely appalling. 

The district says they take student privacy seriously, but obviously, that is not true otherwise those names would not be included.