(Video) Student Data: The Troubling New Currency

This video is the second video in a series launched by FreedomProject Media. They record a roundtable with two activists that I’m certain most of our readers are familiar: Lynne Taylor from North Carolina and Kirsten Lombard from Wisconsin. In part one they talk about a shift in the education model to a workforce development model. In this video, they discuss student data mining.

They describe the video:

No child’s data is safe today. The collection, sharing, and mining of personally identifiable student data are all avenues to direct and indirect exploitation of your children and family for profit—so much so that many now call student data “the new currency.” A discussion of where this trend is headed, how data is collected and used, and why not even private or homeschoolers are exempt.

Student data collection is one of the key “reforms” introduced along with Common Core (aka college and career ready standards) and aligned assessments through the Race to the Top program. While Race to the Top is a thing of the past with the Trump administration these reforms are held in place through state accountability plans required under the Every Student Succeeds Act. There have been other federal education bills that have negatively impacted student data privacy as well.