SETRA Could Still Push Past The Finish Line

Photo credit: Rob Crawley (CC-By-2.0)
Photo credit: Rob Crawley (CC-By-2.0)

Andrew Ujifusa of Education Week writes that SETRA (Strengthening Education Through Research Act) is lagging, but not quite dead in Congress.

Several months ago, this piece of legislation looked like it had decent momentum in Congress. But it has hit the skids. Why? There are concerns among student data-privacy advocates about SETRA’s relationship to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. FERPA should be dealt with first, these advocates say, before Congress turns to SETRA, which mentions FERPA in the proposed bill language.

Still, there might be enough residual momentum left over and interest from various parties to push SETRA over the finish line, or at least further along in Congress.

Here is a reminder why we hate this bill. Be sure to contact your Representative and Senators to make sure SETRA, the Strengthening Education Through Research Act, S.227 is dead, dead, dead.

2 thoughts on “SETRA Could Still Push Past The Finish Line

  1. Hi-We much appreciate your timely, clear, and direct messages!
    Thank you for immediately interpreting the acronyms.
    Consider repeating the number of the bill instead of writing “this”.
    This new statement did NOT suggest that we contact our congressman, but plan to do so anyway. Wondering whether you have info that indeed Strengthening Research Through Education Act (S.227)
    IS dead.

    1. I don’t have info that it is. That is why I’m encouraging you to contact your Representative (Congressman) and Senators.

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