What 400 Data Points?

If you’re wondering what some opponents of the Common Core State Standards are talking about when they refer to 400 Data Points when discussing the potential data mining problems with the Common Core Assessments – you are not alone.

Here are a couple of links.

The first is from the National Center for Education Statistics.  The other can be found at Common Education Data Standards.  Both websites belong to the U.S. Department of Education.

HT: Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education

5 thoughts on “What 400 Data Points?

    1. My problem is that I see no compelling correlation between these data sets and potential for improving or diagnosing performance to standards. What does religious affiliation or immigrant status have to do with aptitude? As a data junkie myself, I understand THAT they want this data – I just don’t understand WHY it’s pertinent to student scores.

      1. That is where Obama Care comes in. It is stated in Obama Care that Federal Agents can come into your house at any time and teach your children religion. If you answer the question of religion to be something other than what the Gov’t wants you to believe in they will send a Fed in to teach your child otherwise.

        Also, if the child grows up with a specific religion that is against different businesses affiliation they will not be hired.

        1. Where is it stated in Obama Care that Federal Agents can come into your house and teach your children religion? I have not read the Obama Care law so I am not arguing with you, just wanting to narrow down where to look. thanks.

  1. Data problems are just the tip of the iceberg! The firm that is doing the data set and the adaptive technology for Smarter Balance Assessment Consortia is a firm named American Institute for Research (AIR). They are involved in gay and lesbian education, two spiritness, and other sorts of lovely stuff. As a private firm, they will not be held to the same standard on privacy as a government agency.

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