David Coleman Lauds the Use of Student Data

David Coleman, President of the College Board and “chief architect” of the Common Core State Standards, spoke at the Annual Strategic Data Project (SDP) Beyond the Numbers Convening hosted by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.  The theme was “from the classroom to the boardroom: analytics for strategy and performance.”  He lauded the collection and use of student data.  The video below is edited for relevant excerpts.  You can see his full speech here.

Ann Kane at American Thinker writes:

Also in his speech, Coleman, in referring to the College Board, stated he has now brought on Obama’s reelection team to develop his new Access to Rigor Campaign to collect and use data from students he calls “low-hanging fruit.”

The College Board will use its existing and future data “vault” to profile low income and Latino students from K-12 using the slogan “If they can go, they must go” to college.

In order to pull this off, the architect of the Common Core literally begs his audience–data geeks “installed” within school districts and specialists from the Strategic Data Project which is based in Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research–to join him in finding these students and interacting with them throughout their classroom years.

Coleman’s campaign is partnering with former Obama for America’s Chief Analytics Officer Dan Wagner as well as a person Coleman references in his speech as “Jeremy” (could he mean Jeremy Bird also formerly of the OFA data analysis team?). With Obama’s data gurus on hand, the Access to Rigor Campaign promises to be a broad national operation which will complement the massive Obama database already in use.

Update: Missouri Education Watchdog has a partial transcript, as well as, other info about David Coleman.

3 thoughts on “David Coleman Lauds the Use of Student Data

  1. “If they can go, they must go” to college.

    Must go? What if they don’t want to go? This is condescending.

  2. Liberals never stop developing ideas to further expand government. When you think it can’t get any worse, you hear about things such as this.

  3. After much research of “Common Core” I find that the driving force Is the Federal Government and Acadamia. They are so full of themselves they actually believe they know better than the states, local school districts, and parents what’s best for every child in America by their standards to make “Children of the World”.

    The problem with this is neither one gives a rat’s – you know what, about individuals. This one size fits all mantra is bogus. The Fed just wants more control. Acadamia just wants to keep their job by pretending to care and coming up with anything that helps them get more tax-payer funded grants.

    What’s amusing is that the greatest Americans who founded our country were schooled at home. Others that came along later attended one-room school houses and passed tests in elementary that would put our high-schoolers to shame.

    The United State’s taxpayer pays more of their hard earned money per student than any country in the world. But we are being told that our students are falling behind other countries. And the cure the Fed and acadamia are proposing – more control and more money. Really? History and statistics tell us that homeschooler’s score higher on tests and children that are in a two-parent loving home score higher.

    But wait, our federal government has made laws to reward and enable all those who are not in those two categories! Thus requiring even more federal laws and rewarding more grants to acadamia to think about this problem. See what I mean?

    Maybe the answer would be to go back to what worked.

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