The Pitfalls of Digital Education

PBS News Hour highlighted digital education in their “Making the Grade” segment with John Tulenko of Education Week reporting. They focused on Miami, FL, and included an interview with Florida mom (and active Stop Common Core warrior) Suzette Lopez. You can watch the video below:

Here is the transcript with Suzette Lopez:

SUZETTE LOPEZ, Parent: I’m trying to protect my kids, and there’s so much data collection that’s going on right now that we we’re not even aware of.

JOHN TULENKO: Suzette Lopez is a graphic designer who sends her children to Miami public schools.

SUZETTE LOPEZ: It’s these third-party vendors that are what we’re partnering with, that we’re bringing them in. But then, how much oversight really is there with these partners? Who’s keeping an eye on that data?

Take time to watch the whole segment you can read the whole transcript here. Also Tulenko did an expanded interview with Fordham University Law Professor Joel Reidenberg who is a data privacy expert.