Pence Endorses Giant Database to Track Hoosier Students from School to the Workplace

mike-pence_thumb.jpgGee, I’m so thrilled that Governor Mike Pence “repealed” the Common Core in Indiana.  *Snort*  Now he’s turning his attention to student data.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Indiana will track Hoosier students from school to the workplace.

Imagine a giant database filled with every Hoosier student’s elementary and high school achievement test scores, SAT scores, college degrees and eventually job and salary history.

State officials are preparing to build it. They want it to tell them exactly what happens to students who don’t finish high school or who switch majors in college. But the big payoff would be forecasting the job market and using that information to adjust the education system to deliver workers to meet the needs.

Gov. Mike Pence endorses the database, which fits nicely with his plans to narrow the gap between available high-skilled jobs and the number of properly trained Hoosiers available to fill them.

Many agree the goals are laudable, and officials say great care will be taken to strip the database of student names and other information that could identify a person.

Still, Big Brother concerns are creeping in. Some privacy advocates worry about possible security breaches and the reconnecting of personal identities to the data.

Kids are not “workers.”  The insane workforce development focus within education is the wrong direction.  Kids do not go to school just so they can meet the needs of the job market.  And we certainly shouldn’t be tracking their data to that end!

And this is from a “conservative” Governor.

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