Online School Data Is Not Safe, Example #1,751,004

Photo credit: Nick Youngson (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Associated Press reports that a former contractor with the Chicago Public Schools was charged with illegally downloading personal data of CPS employees.

They write:

Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Tom Simpson says Kristi Sims of Hickory Hills conducted background checks on district employees. She had access to the personal information of thousands of CPS employees, contractors and vendors.

Sims was arrested Thursday. Officials say they learned of the breach Wednesday. The data was allegedly stolen Tuesday…

… CPS Chief Operating Officer Arnie Rivera says the stolen information may have included employees’ names, addresses, dates of birth and criminal background information. Social security numbers were not included in the breached files.

Any online data, whether it is employee data or student data, is not 100 percent safe which is why schools should be extremely limited in what they store online.

Parents should contact their student’s schools to what student data they store online.