New York School Withdraws From Race to the Top Over Data Concerns

13080106_1The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that the Hyde Park (NY) Central School District is pulling out of the Race to the Top program due to concerns over student data.  They write:

The district still must follow the newly implemented and controversial Common Core learning standards, said Douglas Hieter, Hyde Park’s board president.

Hyde Park schools were set to receive a total of $145,264 over four years, its share of New York’s $700 million Race To The Top funds. Part of the requirement of receiving the funds is participation in the data dashboard, the Education Data Portal.

The district was still due its last payment of $36,000, Hieter said. The district will not have to return any funds, it simply will not apply for this year’s amount. The money was used to train administrators and principals for the evaluations — Annual Professional Performance Reviews, or APPR — required under the updated state Education Law….

….The district, like others, already shares information with the state for a database, as required by law. But Heiter said officials were worried about the lack of information regarding connections and sharing of information between the state database and the new InBloom database.

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