Update from Montana: State School Board Approves Subpar Science Standards

This summer Montana education officials proposed science standards that were remarkably similar (ie practically identical) to the Next Generation Science Standards, but were not called that.

Surprise, surprise, surprise…. Last week the Montana Board of Public Education approved the Next Generation Science Standards, but shhhhhh…. They aren’t calling them that so it’s *OK.* They just graduated from eating a crap sandwich on white bread to eating a crap sandwich on a croissant.

You still are getting a crap sandwich. Yes, it may be an improvement, but they could have done so much better. If you take the Fordham Institute’s word for it there are 23 sets of science standards out there that scored higher than the Next Generation Science Standards.

If Common Core cheerleaders like Fordham don’t even like these standards that’s pretty bad.

Montanans should ask the candidates in the Superintendent’s race what they think about these standards.