Introducing STEM in Preschool

Photo credit: Woodley Wonder Works (CC-By-2.0)
These kids are not ready for STEM so researchers want to introduce it in preschool.
Photo credit: Woodley Wonder Works (CC-By-2.0)

I’ve written before how the push for “higher” and “more rigorous” standards for elementary school was going to trickle down the push for not only more preschool, but these concepts will be introduced in preschool so kids entering kindergarten are “ready.”

It just makes me sick what developmentally inappropriate standards, and now education reformers what to extend the school to workforce pipeline to preschool.

Education Dive reports who is behind the initiative to “lay a foundation” for STEM in preschool.

Researchers at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts are still developing the curriculum for a new “Seeds of STEM” initiative, but the plan is to introduce the problem-solving process that is basic to science, technology, engineering and math fields in preschool.

And why is it being done?

The theory behind the Seeds of STEM initiative is that it’s never too late to start fostering the thinking skills children will need to be scientists and engineers. The Next Generation Science Standards include scaffolding that take subjects all the way down to kindergarten. While only a fraction of states have adopted the new science standards, teachers across the country participated in their development, and many are incorporating the new standards into their classrooms.

So much for letting kids be kids at 4-years-of-age, no we have to give them “thinking skills” so they’re ready “for 21st century careers available in our global economy” to borrow the workforce development model lingo. I doubt that Worcester Polytechnic Institute has child development experts working with them because if they did they wouldn’t be doing this.