South Carolina Rejects Next Generation Science Standards

The South Carolina Department of Education sent this press release out yesterday:

Columbia, SC – Today, Dr. Mick Zais, State Superintendent of Education, announced that South Carolina has rejected the Common Core Science Standards and adopted new, high-level standards.

“I am pleased to announce that we have rejected the Common Core Science Standards and adopted high-level, science standards that are appropriate for South Carolina,” said Zais.  “Parents, students, and teachers should feel confident that we are maintaining high standards of excellence when it comes to science education and will continue do so in the future,” said Zais.

The conservative Fordham Institute gave South Carolina’s 2005 science standards an A-, making the state one of only six to receive a grade of A or A-, along with the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, California, Indiana, and Virginia.  The state’s 2005 science standards continue to serve as a model for other states to emulate.  The Common Core Science Standards, known as the Next Generation Science Standards, only received a grade of C from the Fordham Institute and were deemed “clearly inferior” to South Carolina’s high-level 2005 science standards.

Since 2012, a proviso passed by the South Carolina General Assembly has been in effect that states: “No funds shall be expended in the current fiscal year by the Department of Education, the Education Oversight Committee or the State Board of Education to participate in, implement, adopt or promote the Next Generation Science Standards.”

“The new science standards that were adopted today are based on our state’s highly regarded 2005 standards, not the Next Generation Science Standards, which our state has firmly rejected,” said Zais.  “The improvements we have made include adding engineering, inquiry-based learning, and helping students use science in ways that they can use in their everyday lives, improving the foundation for their postsecondary education.

“We should be proud of these new standards and move forward as one team to successfully implement them,” concluded Zais.

4 thoughts on “South Carolina Rejects Next Generation Science Standards

  1. When South Carolina’s college- and career-bound students fall behind because they don’t have a clue about core concepts developed each year across all scientific disciplines (like size and scale, structure and function, and energy), and the similarities and differences between science engineering practices (to name a few), then the educationists who made this ill-considered decision must be held accountable for their science fiction.

    1. I hope that you are trying to be sarcastic, not serious. Did you not read the article and see that South Carolina’s science standards are rated A while the Common Core Science Standards only received a C.

    2. Rolling my eyes… South Carolina’s current science standards are stronger than NGSS so why would they want to dumb them down?
      There are a number of people, who are on the Common Core bandwagon, think these are poor standards.

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