Lawsuit Against Next Generation Science Standards in Kansas Tossed

Kansas_state_flag_legislature_government_121713Last fall, COPE (Citizens for Objective Public Education, INC) filed a complaint in Federal court against the Next Generation Science Standards.  This week a federal judge threw out the lawsuit:

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that science standards for Kansas public schools promote atheism and violate the religious freedoms of students and parents.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree ruled Tuesday that a nonprofit group and individuals challenging the standards did not claim specific enough injuries to allow the case to go forward.

The State Board of Education last year adopted standards developed by Kansas, 25 other states and the National Research Council. The guidelines treat both evolution and climate change as key scientific concepts.

Anyway, we thought we’d share the update. ┬áBummer for Kansas! ┬áThe Kansas Legislature and Governor Sam Brownback can still repeal the shoddy science standards.