Are you a high school student aspiring to kickstart your career in the finance industry? Look no further than the prestigious Goldman Sachs High School Internship program. This coveted opportunity offers a unique chance to gain invaluable experience and insights into the world of investment banking and financial services.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Goldman Sachs High School Internship is a highly competitive program that provides selected high school students with a hands-on experience in the financial industry.

It offers a glimpse into the dynamic world of investment banking, exposure to various departments, and the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the details of the Goldman Sachs High School Internship, including the application process, program structure, eligibility criteria, and tips for standing out among the competition.

We’ll also explore the benefits of participating in this prestigious internship and how it can shape your future career aspirations.

Overview of the Goldman Sachs High School Internship

What is the Goldman Sachs High School Internship?

The Goldman Sachs High School Internship is a prestigious program designed to provide high school students with an immersive experience in the world of finance and investment banking. This internship offers a unique opportunity for ambitious and talented young individuals to gain valuable insights into the operations of one of the world’s leading global investment banks.

According to Goldman Sachs’ official website, the program aims to “introduce students to the fundamentals of financial services and the many roles within the industry.”

Program Duration and Location

The Goldman Sachs High School Internship typically runs for approximately 5-8 weeks during the summer months, providing students with a concentrated and intensive learning experience. The program is offered at various Goldman Sachs offices across the United States, including major financial hubs like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and more.

In 2022, the internship program hosted over 500 high school students across 15 different locations, underscoring the firm’s commitment to nurturing young talent.

Departments and Roles Offered

During the internship, students are exposed to a wide range of departments and roles within Goldman Sachs. Some of the key areas covered include:

  • Investment Banking: Interns gain insights into the process of advising clients on mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising.
  • Asset Management: Interns learn about managing investment portfolios and strategies for institutional and individual clients.
  • Operations: Interns experience the behind-the-scenes work that supports the firm’s daily operations and transactions.
  • Technology: Interns explore the cutting-edge technologies and systems that drive Goldman Sachs’ innovative solutions.

Through interactive workshops, case studies, and hands-on projects, interns develop a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry and the various career paths available. Additionally, the program offers networking opportunities with Goldman Sachs professionals, allowing interns to gain valuable career advice and mentorship.

According to a recent survey, over 90% of past interns reported feeling better prepared for their future careers after completing the Goldman Sachs High School Internship. 😊

Eligibility and Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the coveted Goldman Sachs High School Internship, you must meet a few key criteria. Firstly, you must be a current high school junior or senior (or the international equivalent) at the time of application.

Additionally, you should have a strong academic record, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale). It’s also essential to demonstrate a keen interest in finance, economics, or related fields through your coursework, extracurricular activities, or personal projects.

Goldman Sachs values well-rounded individuals, so involvement in community service, leadership roles, or other extracurricular pursuits can bolster your application.

Application Requirements

To apply for the Goldman Sachs High School Internship, you’ll need to submit a comprehensive application package. This typically includes a resume or curriculum vitae, transcripts, a personal statement or essay, and letters of recommendation (usually from teachers or mentors).

The personal statement is your chance to showcase your passion for finance, highlight your achievements, and explain why you’re the ideal candidate for the internship. Be sure to tailor your application materials to the specific internship program you’re applying for, as Goldman Sachs offers various opportunities across different divisions and locations.

According to Goldman Sachs’ website, the application process is highly competitive, with thousands of applicants vying for a limited number of spots each year. For example, in 2022, the firm received over 250,000 applications for their various internship programs, with an acceptance rate of approximately 2%.


Selection Process and Timeline

After submitting your application, the selection process for the Goldman Sachs High School Internship typically involves multiple rounds of interviews and assessments. The first round may be a virtual or on-campus interview, followed by additional rounds with more senior employees or managers.

During these interviews, you can expect to be asked questions about your interest in finance, your problem-solving abilities, and your leadership potential. It’s crucial to prepare thoroughly, practice your interview skills, and showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry.

The timeline for the internship application and selection process can vary, but generally, applications open in the fall or early winter for the following summer’s internship program. Initial interviews may take place in the late winter or early spring, with final decisions communicated by late spring or early summer.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive an offer the first time around – many successful Goldman Sachs employees applied multiple times before being accepted. 👏 Persistence and continuous self-improvement are key.

Program Structure and Expectations

Goldman Sachs’ highly coveted High School Internship program offers an immersive experience for ambitious students, designed to cultivate their skills and provide invaluable exposure to the world of finance.

With a rigorous selection process that attracts top talent from around the globe, this program sets the bar high for participants.

Orientation and Training

The internship begins with a comprehensive orientation, equipping interns with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the dynamic Goldman Sachs environment. From navigating the firm’s culture to mastering essential software and systems, the training ensures a smooth transition into their roles.

According to Goldman Sachs’ website, over 90% of interns report feeling well-prepared after the orientation phase.

Daily Responsibilities and Tasks

Interns are assigned to various divisions and teams, where they actively contribute to real-world projects and tasks. From conducting market research and data analysis to assisting in client presentations and report preparation, the daily responsibilities are challenging yet rewarding.

Interns are encouraged to ask questions, seek guidance, and collaborate with their mentors and colleagues, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. According to a recent survey, 85% of Goldman Sachs interns felt their work had a tangible impact on the firm’s operations.

Mentorship and Networking Opportunities

One of the program’s standout features is the emphasis on mentorship and networking. Each intern is paired with a dedicated mentor, a seasoned professional who serves as a guide, offering invaluable advice, feedback, and insights into the industry.

Additionally, interns have access to a vast network of professionals across various divisions, enabling them to forge connections and learn from diverse perspectives. Goldman Sachs proudly boasts that over 75% of their interns secure full-time job offers upon graduation, thanks to the mentorship and networking opportunities provided. 😊

Throughout the internship, Goldman Sachs fosters an environment that challenges interns to push their boundaries, think critically, and develop a keen understanding of the financial industry. By the end of the program, interns emerge as well-rounded professionals, armed with valuable skills, connections, and a newfound confidence in their ability to excel in the competitive world of finance.


Benefits and Career Prospects

Gaining Valuable Experience

The Goldman Sachs High School Internship is an unparalleled opportunity for ambitious students to gain invaluable real-world experience in the financial industry. This prestigious program allows interns to work alongside seasoned professionals, immersing themselves in the fast-paced and dynamic environment of a leading global investment bank.

Through hands-on projects and assignments, interns develop practical skills that go beyond theoretical knowledge, equipping them with a competitive edge as they embark on their future careers.

According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, approximately 56% of interns receive at least one job offer from their internship employer. This statistic underscores the significance of internships in providing a springboard for future employment opportunities.

By participating in the Goldman Sachs High School Internship, students can showcase their abilities, learn from industry experts, and potentially secure a coveted position within the firm or elsewhere in the financial sector.

Building a Professional Network

Beyond the practical experience, the Goldman Sachs High School Internship offers a unique opportunity to build a robust professional network. Interns have the chance to interact with accomplished professionals, attend networking events, and forge connections that can prove invaluable throughout their careers.

These relationships can open doors to future mentorship opportunities, job referrals, and valuable industry insights.

As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” 😉 By immersing themselves in the Goldman Sachs community, interns can cultivate meaningful relationships that may lead to unexpected opportunities down the line.

After all, the connections made during this internship could be the key to unlocking future success in the dynamic world of finance.

Enhancing College Applications and Future Opportunities

Participating in the Goldman Sachs High School Internship can be a game-changer when it comes to college applications and future career prospects. This prestigious experience demonstrates a student’s dedication, ambition, and ability to thrive in a competitive environment.

College admissions officers often view such internships as a testament to a student’s commitment to personal and professional growth, setting them apart from their peers.

Furthermore, the skills and knowledge acquired during the internship can open doors to a wide range of opportunities beyond the financial sector. According to a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 91% of employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience.

By completing the Goldman Sachs High School Internship, students gain a competitive edge that can translate into a diverse array of career paths, from entrepreneurship to consulting, and beyond.


The Goldman Sachs High School Internship is a remarkable opportunity for ambitious and driven high school students to gain invaluable exposure to the world of finance and investment banking. By participating in this prestigious program, you’ll not only acquire practical skills and knowledge but also develop a strong professional network that can pave the way for future success.

Whether you aspire to pursue a career in finance or explore other fields, the Goldman Sachs High School Internship can provide you with a solid foundation and a competitive edge. With its rigorous selection process, hands-on experience, and mentorship opportunities, this internship is a testament to Goldman Sachs’ commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in the financial industry.

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