Nyah, nyah????

john-b-king-barack-obamaI’m not sure what to think about the New York Daily News editorial on Monday about former New York Education Commissioner John King’s appointment as Acting Secretary of Education once Arne Duncan steps down at the end of the year.

They write:

To all of you anti-Common-Core, anti-testing, anti-charter-school whiners, who are a-okay with the subpar education to which millions of American kids are still subjected in public schools on which we, as a nation, annually invest more than $600 billion:

President Obama just named the architect of New York’s Common Core revolution, former New York State Education Commissioner John King — a former charter school executive — as the new secretary of education.

Nyah, nyah.

I really hope that was satire because are we back in junior high school now?  If the New York Daily News meant to highlight President Obama’s insult to American taxpayers appointing John King as Acting Secretary of Education, spot on, but that is a big IF.

Since we, as a nation, do invest more than $600 billion into education we as taxpayers must continue to make our voices heard especially if it makes educrats uncomfortable. President Obama just insulted the American people through King’s appointment, and if the New York Daily News‘ editorial board is serious just did the same.

“Nyah, nyah” isn’t an argument.

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  1. It’s the Daily News. It’s written on a fifth grade reading level so nyah nyah is appropriate in this context.

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