Duke Pesta Discusses Proposed Education & Labor Department Merger

Dr. Duke Pesta and Alex Newman with FreedomProject Media note that despite being marketed as an effort to shrink the federal government, the Trump administration’s proposal to merge the U.S. Department of Labor with the U.S. Department of Education is being criticized from all sides. Especially critical, though, have been many leading conservative education activists, who argue that the plan fundamentally misunderstands the purpose of education.

They discuss.

4 thoughts on “Duke Pesta Discusses Proposed Education & Labor Department Merger

  1. We all need to get the truth out to the public about this merger. If it gets passed undoing it will be impossible to do and will codify everything we have been fighting against. It really surprised me that after being deceived so many times Americans are ready to accept the deceit again. By the time they realize they were deceived again it will be too late. They never listen to the bell ringers but then whine after the deed is done. I thank everyone that has done such a great job in getting out the truth immediately upon the release of this merger idea. Now all we need is for Americans to see the truth and stand up against it before it passes. That was the purpose of the WE THE PEOPLE petition.

  2. It used to be called the Department of Welfare, Health, Education many decades ago. Back then there was a career prep push too, but at least we recognized that at the root it went down to child well-being. Not enough people are caring now. A good example of a movement that was able to get the white house on their side: Trump tried to reflect polls on life issues but due to extensive conservative coverage and outrage, he now always works towards making sure everything is 100% pro-life approved. But education will never be addressed because not enough people are standing up and saying something. People have to be outraged, and it’s astounding how many believe the lie that Common Core is a thing of the past, or if I just move to the right area, etc… I’m not blaming TIA but take a note from the pro-life movement: expose, share stories that really hit people, explain how this affects everything else they care about, etc…

  3. Imagine how this will affect the future. Whoever is in charge of education in the future will also have to have a passion for the workforce. It could mean the death of history and civics education, even social studies may come under scrutiny because not a lot of people grow up to be professional anthropologists and geographers and their findings rarely create products that other countries will clamor to buy. It could mean young adults emerging with no idea on how to analyze dangerous political ideas because they have no point of historical reference–it could mean constitutional-geddon by the time those seeds flower.

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