Arne Duncan: We’re “Lucky” to have NCLB Waivers

I wanted to share this video that was posted on Tuesday on the U.S. Department of Education blog.  In it Education Secretary Arne Duncan answers some questions that he received recently:

Again, I am no lover of No Child Left Behind.  However, just because “Congress is broken” (gridlock is a natural occurrence when you have different parties in the majority of each chamber) doesn’t mean the Obama administration can pull an end around it – it’s called the Separation of Powers in our Constitution, and the executive branch just can’t ignore the law.

How “lucky” we are that the Obama administration has ignored the Constitution.

Secondly, exactly how does Secretary Duncan propose that we hold parents accountable?  I agree that teachers are not the sole reason why schools fail, but I shudder at what this might look like coming from the federal government.