(Video) School Choice: The Hidden Dangers for All

This video is the third in a series launched by FreedomProject Media. They record a roundtable with two activists that I’m certain most of our readers are familiar: Lynne Taylor from North Carolina and Kirsten Lombard from Wisconsin.  Mary Black is the moderator. In part one they talk about a shift in the education model to a workforce development model. In the second video, they discuss student data mining.

Below is the description they give on YouTube:

School choice sounds great. Yet, it has a hidden meaning that is not widely understood by the public, and it’s that hidden meaning that is shaping education policy in Washington, D.C., and the 50 states. The true and hidden meanings of school choice are both discussed, along with how language in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) ensnares students and their families, including private and homeschoolers.

This video falls out of our purview, but for the sake of continuity, I’m sharing it here along with the other videos in this series. Our community and readership do not all share the same opinion of school choice. I think we all agree on the risk of strings being attached, but we don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to specific programs, particularly at the state level.

So Kirsten and Lynne’s views do not necessarily represent Truth in American Education and its advocates.

One thought on “(Video) School Choice: The Hidden Dangers for All

  1. I think it is awfully pathetic that my grandson is 12 yrs old and he can’t even add , subtract or multiply simple numbers thanks to common core. 1×8 equals ? I witnessed it myself last evening. His dad asked him for an answer along with 2×3 = blank again. He could not tell us the answers. Soo easy but the common core JUNK is polluting their minds. No wonder parents want to home school.. I wonder if successful people of this world had to learn common core? Doctors, lawyers, scientist, dentist etc. all learned the old way of mathematics like I did. I am now 70 yrs old and did just fine without it. Please stop this agenda.

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