(Video) New Local Control: Excluding Parents From Education

This video is the fourth in a series launched by FreedomProject Media. They record a roundtable with two activists that I’m certain most of our readers are familiar: Lynne Taylor from North Carolina and Kirsten Lombard from Wisconsin.  Mary Black is the moderator. In the first video, they talk about a shift in the education model to a workforce development model. In the second video, they discuss student data mining. In the third video, they discuss school choice.

Below is the description they give on YouTube:

Local control is another term that sounds like one thing but means something else entirely to those driving education policy today. The panelists expose the current but hidden meaning of local control and discuss how this deceptive word game works hand-in-hand with the codifying power of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to marginalize local school boards and the parents of all students, including private- and homeschoolers.

It has been frustrating to me to see how local control has been given a lot of lip service among educrats and education reformers. They talk local control while eroding it at the same time.

Watch the video below: