U.S. Department of Education Wants to Punish High Opt-Out Schools


In New York in 2016 more than one in five students opted-out taking the Common Core assessment given by the state, they have the highest rate of opt-outs in the country. If the Secretary of Education John King and the U.S. Department of Education has their way high opt-out schools, those who don’t hit 95% of their students participating, will be punished.

Lohud.com reports:

A looming deadline for public comment on proposed changes to federal education policy, including consequences to participation in opting out of testing, has sparked outcry from parents, legislators and education groups.

The new regulations, when adopted, would explain how states and school districts must implement the Every Student Succeeds Act, a federal law passed by Congress in December 2015 to replace the No Child Left Behind Law. The new law was aimed at relaxing federal control of education policy and giving more flexibility to the states.

The proposed amendment to ESSA, drafted by U.S. Secretary of Education John King, the former New York education commissioner, would punish schools with high opt-out rates by having school ratings lowered and require improvement strategies.

…In the drafted amendment, states would be required to take action against schools that fail to have at least 95 percent of participation from students by assigning them “the lowest performance level” on a state rating system, according to the proposal. In addition, those schools will require “targeted support” to improve the rating and increase the test participation numbers.

So much for giving control back to the states. As we said before the Every Student Succeeds Act erodes state control, it doesn’t increase it. This is just one example. Some lawmakers said that states could include opt-out provision in their state plans. Well obviously that isn’t the case unless these regulations are shot down.

One thought on “U.S. Department of Education Wants to Punish High Opt-Out Schools

  1. The feds set up a test and punish system. When parents fought back, the feds knew they were holding a bag of garbage and would be held accountable for their actions moving towards the privatization of public schools as well as weakening of teacher unions. ESSA is a vehicle to hand the bag of garbage back to the states while controlling the situation from afar. We need to stand up and push back even harder!

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