Twitter Rally to #StopHR5 Tonight

#StopHR5There is a coordinated Twitter rally to Stop HR 5, the Student Success Act, that is expected to be reintroduced into the U.S. House of Representatives anytime now.  It will last from 9pm – 11p EST tonight.

This is through the Patriot Journalist Network, and they have a system in place that appears to be quite effective.  Use the hashtags #StopHR5 and #pjnet

In related news Politico reports that there will likely be a ESEA reauthorization bill this week out of the Senate.

Senate negotiators are hustling to tie up an agreement on a bipartisan No Child Left Behind bill, which would keep the Senate HELP Committee on schedule to mark up the bill early next week. What should you expect as details on the bill emerge? According to sources in the know about the Senate’s plans, here are three things to watch for: New opportunities for expanding pre-K through in the bill – but not a new title, like some Democrats argued for. The bill would continue mandating statewide annual tests, with tweaks around the edges to help give more flexibility. And perhaps the biggest changes in the new bill (compared to current law) would be be shifts in the accountability system that would give more power back to the states – a big priority for Senate HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander.

Bills that keep a mandate for state tests should not be one that any legislator championing limiting the federal role in education should support.  Perhaps it is a step in the right direction, but a very small step.  I’m tired of this tinkering around the edges.  No Child Left Behind needs to be repealed.  Period.

Also, Missouri Education Watchdog is pushing this Twitter rally because of the civil rights group support that is surround H.R. 5.

Additional note: Due to prior commitments & late notice over Easter weekend I’m unfortunately not going to be able to participate.  Hope you all have fun without me though!

Update: Never mind, my schedule opened up and I will be participating.  I also originally forgot to include the time zone… that is 9:00p to 11:00p EST.

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