State School Chiefs to Congress: Make Us Do Annual Testing

The letter and list of priorities that the Council of Chief State School Officers sent to Congress last week is mind boggling.  Yes they want to see mandates relaxed in a ESEA reauthorization, but they want Congress to keep the biggest mandate of all – the annual standardized test especially in light with the Senate flirting with the idea of ditching the annual testing requirement.

Can’t states do this without a federal mandate if they want?

Here’s the letter sent by Chris Minnich who is the executive director of CCSSO.

Here is their proposal for ESEA.

2 thoughts on “State School Chiefs to Congress: Make Us Do Annual Testing

  1. IF CCSSO really wanted to “advocated on behalf of states that are interested in taking a different approach”, as they claim they do, they would advocate for the elimination of the US Dept of Ed and all national laws that now exist over state and local education, not seek to legislate it’s continued bribery and the power it holds over them.

  2. How many tens of millions of dollars has CCSSO taken from Bill Gates to “promote Common Core?

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